Tao Qian


~ by Jennifer Martell & Katie Favreau, Global-Z Co-Morale Officers

It is that time yet again to hear what we, your favorite GZers a.k.a the Co-Morale Officers, have been up to!

Our job is typically all fun and games, but sometimes the reasons for said fun are unfortunately very sad.  Such is the case for one of our recent shindigs.  Tao Qian, a beloved colleague, left Global-Z.  Tao and his family relocated to the great state of Louisiana, which was just a little too far from good ol’ Bennington for him to commute anymore.  When we found out that Tao would be leaving us we were all more than a little sad.  We love Tao and it will just not be the same around here without him.  Tao was always such a delight, and one of the sweetest and nicest persons I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.  He is also wicked smart!  He added very much to Global-Z in his time here, including teaching my fellow morale officer how to speak and write a little in Chinese.   With all the sadness surrounding Tao’s departure we had our work cut out for us trying to boost everyone’s morale around here…and what better way to do that than with our second annual GZ Luau!?

This year we were in a bit of a bind as our grill master was lounging by his pool in Spain, so we needed to think fast.  Thankfully, our Sales & Marketing Assistant, Paul, came to the rescue!  Paul was an amazing grill master cooking ribs, ham, and pineapple to perfection! (Perhaps once Leonid returns to the states we will have a grill-off to see who the best really is.)  Having solved our grilling dilemma, we were ready to have a proper send off for Tao and once again transformed our conference room into a tropical paradise.  It was a great party with a very bittersweet mood as we were all sad to see Tao go. I’ll let you check out the pictures for yourself!

We all miss you Tao, and hope that Louisiana is treating you and your family well.  We think of you often and wish you the best with all that you do in the future!

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