Luxury Retail Shopper

She’s The Same Person.
Will Her Experience Be The Same?

Luxury Retail Shopper

She’s The Same Person.
Will Her Experience Be The Same?

You won’t treat her right, if your CRM is wrong.
Make it right with Global-Z.

Trust Your CRM

Have high confidence that your customer’s information is entered correctly and validated, so that you can trust what is in your CRM or CDP.

Integrate Data Silos

Unite online and brick-and-mortar, multiple geographies, and your lines of business with a common system of reference.

Reach Across Borders

Cross-border shoppers look to purchase your products from another country, but still expect you to be sensitive their language, customs, and regulations.

Nearly half of the CRM records contained at least one error.

Nearly half of the CRM records
contained at least one error.

How do I fix bad data in my CRM?

It is difficult to build a great customer experience when your CRM data contains so many errors.

Global-Z studied more 10-million CRM records from a leading retail brand and discovered that 45% of the customer records contained invalid information. For example,

  • 38% had terms such as “Need New Address” in the CRM’s address field.
  • 12% had duplicate information in multiple CRM fields.
  • 5.5% had identical values in the given name and surname fields.

Fortunately, these problems with the customer data can be solved.

How Do I Integrate Data Silos?

Every luxury brand that we have worked with has a data silo problem that prevents them from creating a complete and accurate 360 customer view.  These problems include:

  • On-line versus in-store systems
  • Regional or country systems
  • Line of business systems

The challenge is to unite the data, without giving up the advantages of local control of the data.  Fortunately, there are ways to achieve this.

CRM Data Silos
Hello in many languages

How Can I Start Making Cross Border Shoppng Experiences?

Luxury and premium brand customers love cross-border shopping both in person and via e-commerce.  A recent Forrester study reveals that 82% of shoppers in 17 countries purchase from a merchant outside of their home country.  There are many reasons:

  • Availability of merchandise before it arrives in the home country
  • Lower cost
  • Little risk of buying fakes from a well-known brand

For brands, it is difficult to get a worldwide view of their best customers. But, with a little work, it is possible to integrate data and handle multiple languages, customes, and regulations.

Where can you get expert help?

Leading global brands trust Global-Z’s expertise to help them have confidence in their data for a complete and actionable customer views.

  • 30 years of international customer data experience
  • Subject matter experts who each have a minimum of 10 years of international data quality experience
  • 24/7 mission critical support
  • Secure and Reliable: ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Certified for Information Security Management Systems. GDPR Compliant, EU-US Privacy Shield, Swiss-US Privacy Shield, ITIL – IT Service Management
ISO 27001 GDPR Privacy Shield

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