International Contact Data Hygiene Services

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  • address-verification

    It’s going international? Will it get there?
    We can help make sure it does;
    Our international address verification service
    validates, corrects & standardizes global data.

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  • crm

    Ease your CDI project’s success. Scalable, flexible cloud-based address data cleansing facilitates a single, accurate view of your customers.

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  • realtime

    Cleanse your data on an as-needed immediate basis with our global RealTime solutions.

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  • merge-purge

    Identify & eliminate your duplicate contact data. Get a clearer image of your customers.

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  • moved

    Your customer moved…
    …and we know where they went.
    International change of address services keep you in touch!

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What's New At Global-Z

Meet Jerry Kee!

July 29, 2014 | In The News

Global-Z is happy to announce the addition of Jerry Kee to our Sales and Marketing team! Jerry is our highly accomplished Enterprise Data Quality Businesses Development rep. Jerry has over 20 years of experience in solutions development utilizing end-to-end and multichannel marketing services, emphasis on database design and development, Business…

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